Empire Resources, Inc. is a distributor of value-added, semi-finished aluminum and steel products headquartered in Fort Lee, NJ.

Our principal market is North America, which we serve from our 225,000-square foot distribution center and warehouse located less than 10 miles from the Port of Baltimore, as well as from a network of distribution sites throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our customers include metals service centers as well as metal-working businesses and industrial manufacturers – all of whom rely on Empire Resources for the timely delivery of high quality products that meet their individual requirements. Our 300+ customers serve a diverse range of end-markets including transportation, construction, packaging, consumer goods and marine.

We also serve customers in Australia and New Zealand through our subsidiary Empire Resources Pacific LTD, and in Europe through our Belgian subsidiary, Imbali Metals BVBA and in the UK through our subsidiary Empire Resources (UK) Ltd,.

Our 300+ customers serve a diverse range of end-markets including distribution, building, packaging, consumer goods and marine. Our direct customers are mainly metals service centers. They also include metal-working businesses and industrial manufacturers. We offer customers alternative sources of supply of quality products and we assume responsibility for the shipment and timely delivery of products to them.

We source our products to meet the pricing and delivery needs of our customers from carefully selected suppliers throughout the world. Our aluminum products include sheet, plate and foil, rod, bar and wire, extruded and cast products. Our steel products include plate, hot rolled coil (annealed/pickled), cold-rolled coil, wire rods and bars.

We have a growth-driven strategy focused on the following:

  • Provide customers with a high level of service and cost-effective quality products:
    We work closely with customers to understand and meet their requirements.  We also offer ancillary services such as arranging warehousing for just-in-time delivery, providing timely market trend and product development information, arranging subsequent metal processing or finishing services as needed, and making material available from our own stock to meet their short-term requirements.
  • Expand volume and product breadth with existing customers and suppliers:
    We continually seek opportunities to introduce new product lines to our customers and increase volume with our suppliers through our constant monitoring of market developments, supplier production capabilities and potential customer needs.
  • Strengthen and expand supplier relationships:
    We focus on building our supply sources both by expanding our existing supplier relationships and adding new suppliers through our market knowledge and the caliber and range of our customer base.
  • Provide efficient and cost-competitive handling and delivery services:
    Having our own warehouse and distribution facility in Baltimore gives us depot/warehousing capacity to provide just-in-time delivery as well as handling capability and inventory control at the Baltimore port of entry, our most active import location.  This reduces freight and handling expenses while increasing efficiency.  It also enables us to monitor deliveries and serve customers more effectively.
  • Provide additional products and value-added services:
    We may add capability to provide our customers with additional value-added services (such as processing, manufacturing, finishing, and distribution services) through establishing joint venture arrangements with existing service providers or by selectively making acquisitions.
  • Maintain a strong balance sheet:
    We have a reputation for reliability that has been built upon our financial strength.  Maintaining a strong balance sheet is central to our growth plan.